Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, California

The combined KMWorld & Intranets conferences are co-located to maximize the synergies related to developing and evaluating enterprise-wide Knowledge Management strategies and implementing collaborative intranet & portal strategies and technologies.

This is a must attend for those concerned with improving business processes and productivity, streamlining operations, and accelerating development and innovation in their evolving enterprises.

This year's theme, Business Critical Knowledge Management, emphasizes that KM is not a stand-alone initiative, but totally integrated into an organization's business and work processes.

Session C104

"From Information to Answers: Transferring Expertise"

Dustin Huntington
President, EXSYS, Inc.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is using a Web-enabled knowledge automation expert system to disseminate a wide range of problem-solving knowledge. The SBA system emulates consultations with human experts, providing answers and recommendations tailored to each user. Our speaker discusses the challenges for rapidly building an interactive system at low cost and with high ROI as well as the lessons learned.

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