Customer and Employee Support Expert Systems - Provide Self-Service Support Online

Exsys Corvid® expert system development software is ideal for capturing support knowledge to produce interactive on-line systems that provide detailed, situation-specific advice comparable to talking to an expert. Your customers and staff can access these interactive system from their web browser, answer some questions and get precise advice that previously would have required talking to an expert. Systems can provide help in diagnosing problems, understanding and following regulations, pre-sales advice and any other knowledge based support issues. Far better than search or FAQs, they provide precise, reasoned advice based on the knowledge of your top experts and exact support best practices even for complex, probabilistic situations. Exsys support systems are web based and can be integrated into existing sites to assist staff or made available to the public.

Exsys expert system development tools and knowledge engineering consulting services are the result of over 28 years of enhancement, refinement and application to real-world problems. Exsys Inc has worked with industry, business, government and military agencies in building support expert systems, and has a proven track record of successful, high ROI systems. Cessna Aircraft (diagnostics), Nestle (employee Pension Fund Advice) , USDA (Agricultural advice to farmers), HP (computer configuration), and many Fortune 100 companies have built support expert systems with Exsys tools. Case studies on some of these can be seen below.

The web is the primary way companies communicate with their customers and employees, which has challenged many companies to try to provide customer and internal support directly through their web site. Some requests are effectively handled by FAQ and "search" based techniques. However, many questions are not answered by a simple item of data and require complex knowledge that can not be delivered this way. Often, there may be different possible situations or special cases that determine what advice should be provided. This requires an interactive session to gather the relevant factors and determine what advice is appropriate for each circumstance. Trying to provide support for complex issues by conventional web techniques is very difficult, since it essentially requires that the customer sift through all aspects of a subject, understand it and hope they can recognize what applies to them. This is more than the customer wants to absorb, and more than they should be expected to do.

Your support experts have the problem-solving knowledge and experience. They ask the correct questions and provide correct advice even for complex issues. Exsys Corvid provides a way to capture that expert knowledge and build interactive on-line web based systems that interact with a customer in a way that emulates a conversation with a support expert to resolve issues quickly, correctly and consistently 24/7.

Exsys expert systems handle support very differently from "case-based reasoning" or search approaches, which attempt to find previous similar situations, in the hope that it was right before and will work again. This can be an appealing concept, but is fundamentally only a guess based on pattern similarity, rather than a reasoned analysis of the problem. Guesses can be wrong because while a previous case may be "similar" it may not actually match in some important key factors. Even when there is a good match, the actions taken before may not have been the correct or best thing to do. Corvid will provide precise expert advice based on specific defined logic that can be understood, reviewed and maintained.

Support systems can also relate to issues of company policy and how it is implemented. Situations like employee benefits, product returns, discounts for high volume customers and damaged merchandise all can be complex. Exsys Corvid Knowledge Automation systems handle these details, assuring that all customers are handled individually, correctly and consistently.

When support issues have special requirements such as integration with other IT resources or document generation, Corvid systems can do these automatically. They can even keep watch on what customers are asking. If there are a large number of problems with a particular component, or frequent issues with a new product, Corvid systems can compile the data and automatically email it to the appropriate person.

They can also be used as front ends to more traditional contact center software. The Corvid system can answer most customer questions, but when some new or unique situation comes up, it can automatically collect all the relevant information and open a support ticket for follow up. Once the issue is resolved and better understood, it can then be incorporated into the system making it even more capable.

The Exsys Corvid expert system development tool is aimed at non-programmers, with system rules written in English (or any other language)and algebra. Exsys Corvid can be learned quickly, with most users able to build small systems after only a few hours of online training. Free demo versions of Exsys Corvid are available to get you started quickly.

With Exsys Corvid Knowledge Automation support systems, your staff and customers will be able to get the answers they need - now.

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Some case studies of Exsys Self-Service Customer Support systems.
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"We have been using Exsys knowledge automation technology in our worldwide manufacturing operations for a number of years.  We have realized significant, measurable ROI and benefits by implementing and fielding over 40 systems in many areas including operator training, manufacturing operations consistency, and complex process control troubleshooting"

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