Provide Potential Customers with
Expert Pre-Sales Advice

Exsys Corvid® expert system development software is ideal for providing your customers with the pre-sales knowledge they need to make purchasing decisions. Non-programmers can produce interactive on-line systems that provide detailed, situation-specific advice comparable to talking to an expert. Your staff and customers can access an interactive system from their web browser, answer some questions and get precise advice that previously would have required talking to an expert.

Corvid systems will always recommend the "Best" product, even when the customer has conflicting requirements that can not all be met simultaneously. They will weight the various factors and provide each customer with an order list of the best products, along with a detailed explanation of each product. Far better than search or database approaches to finding products which often either miss products or provide far too many - leaving the customer unsure that they are actually finding the best product for them. Exsys systems will provide only a few logically selected products with detailed information on how that product matches their specific requirements. Customers get the information they need to buy.

Exsys expert system development tools and knowledge engineering consulting services are the result of over 28 years of enhancement, refinement and application to real-world problems. Exsys Inc has worked with business and industry in building expert systems, with a proven track record of successful, high ROI systems. Many Fortune 100 companies have built support expert systems with Exsys tools. Case studies on some of these can be seen below.

Before a customer will buy a product, they want to be sure it is best option for them and meets their requirements. Exsys Corvid Knowledge Automation systems can capture the logic and process of a top sales person, and provide an interactive web-based session with the customer. The system asks each customer about his or her requirements and planned uses. It can then analyze all of the available products to find the best overall items for that customer; and generate a detailed written explanation of each recommended item and how it will meet the customer's needs. Once the customer knows a product is right for them, they are much more likely to quickly make a purchase.

When there are many similar or related products, it can be difficult for a customer to decide what is best for them. This confusion may delay their purchase, or they may go elsewhere. This is particularly a problem for technical products, or ones where there are many desired features and no single product is perfect. Ideally, the customer can talk to a knowledgeable sales person who listens to their requirements, and makes a good, reasoned recommendation of the best product(s) for them. However, as more and more business is done via e-commerce on web sites, it has often become almost impossible to reach a knowledgable sales person to get questions answered. Even if sales staff is available, it often takes a long time for them to become (and stay) experts on the product line.

The "data" oriented approach to this problem is to provide lots of product specs and expect the customer to be able to understand them. This can work in some cases, but if the product is complex or the specs in technical jargon, the customer may end up more confused than before. Getting feedback, reviews and opinions from other customers can be helpful, but every customer's requirements are different and what worked great for one, may not be appropriate for another.

The solution is an Exsys Corvid Knowledge Automation system. The expert knowledge of a top sales person can be converted to Corvid's easy to read rule syntax, to produce a system that provides an interactive web-based session with the customer. Corvid has a unique and powerful feature called MetaBlocks specifically for product recommendation systems. It makes it possible to write high-level recommendation rules, keeping the details of the various products in an easily maintained spreadsheet, database or XML file. When products change, simple editing of the data file will update the system.

Best of all, MetaBlocks are very effective at combining and weighting the various customer requirements to recommend the best products, even when all customer preferences cannot be simultaneously met. The analysis of the recommended products describes how each product meets, or does not meet, specified user requirements. The underlying expert knowledge in the system weights the various factors so that key functional aspects of the product get higher weighting than other "nice to have" features. A system can even let the customer control the weighting on various factors based on the importance of specific preferences.

The Exsys Corvid approach is quite different from a "database" approach which searches product specs to find ones that meet ALL customer requirements. Unfortunately this approach can easily lead to a "No Products Found" result when there is no "all-feature" match for the customer. A sales person that told customers "Sorry we don't have anything for you" just because there was not a perfect match would not last long. Instead, they would say "There is no product with everything you would like, but this one would be the best for you and it has the most important features." That is exactly the type of recommendation you get from a Corvid system.

Corvid systems will always find the best product, and provide the details the customer needs to make a purchase decision. It will tell customers what is relevant and provide informed, knowledgeable recommendations, links to appropriate collateral material can be included to convince the customer that they have found the right product to speed the purchasing decision.

The Exsys Corvid expert system development tool is aimed at non-programmers, with system rules written in English (or any other language)and algebra. Exsys Corvid can be learned quickly, with most users able to build small systems in only a few hours on-line training. Free demo versions of Exsys Corvid and online tutorials are available to get you started.

With Exsys Corvid Knowledge Automation pre-sales systems, your customers get the answers they need to make purchasing decisions. Exsys support systems are web based and can be integrated into existing web sites using either standard HTML or Flash based interfaces.

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Some case studies of Exsys Pre-sales and Marketing systems.
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"The interactive advice system provides quick, accurate hardware sizing, network configuration, and usage recommendations for SAP Business Information Warehouse implementations."

Hewlett Packard