Smart CRM

A key part of any CRM strategy should be to answer your customers' queries and concerns. Failure there means lost customers - end of game.  For most products and customers the primary interaction is to answer common support, policy, and utilization questions or handle complaints.  Customers generally perceive these as "Simple Questions" that they should be able to easily have answered - and if they could talk to the appropriate expert that would be the case.   But too often customers cannot find their answers on the company web site, help desk or reach someone authoritative, and they end up frustrated with the product and the company.  Exsys Corvid® makes it easy to field Knowledge Automation expert systems on the company web site that will interact with a customer to analyze their specific situation, and provide detailed advice on how to resolve the problem.

The fundamental issue is that while each customer's question may be relatively simple, there are vast numbers of variations and special cases.  The overall complexity is too great for support staff to fully learn, understand or remember - even with the various search and "chat" technologies available.  When advice changes with time, or is "probabilistic", it becomes even more impractical to expect staff to master it, or to provide consistent advice.  A few key company experts know the answers, but they are not generally available. 

It's time for a paradigm shift – Knowledge Automation expert systems. Stop trying to make customers and staff into experts by just providing them with lots of data and expecting them to learn it. Instead, fully describe product/business expert's decision-making processes in a way that can be delivered automatically online, emulating a conversation with an expert to produce precise accurate consistent advice. 

This is exactly what Exsys Inc has been helping companies do since 1983.  The key to capturing expert knowledge in a complete, usable way is an expert system development environment that enables experts (not programmers) to easily and systematically describe how they solve problems and provide advice.  Corvid uses English (or whatever language is preferred) and Algebra to create easy to read, structured decision-making rules. Corvid even shows where there are gaps in the logic, and a rapid "Build-Test-Refine" process helps the expert expand the system to cover all the possible special cases.  The rules are processed by Corvid's powerful, proven expert system Inference Engine.

Customers and staff simply run the Exsys Corvid knowledge automation expert system with their web browser and it will interact as if they were talking to the expert one-on-one.  It will ask focused questions and provide detailed situation-specific advice.  Users don't have to sift through pages of information or become experts themselves - they just answer the system's questions and get precise, logically reasoned recommendations.  Customers get the answers they want quickly and easily, and employees have access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs.

Systems can also be integrated with existing CRM systems and infrastructure. They can be designed to keep track of what issues customers are reporting. If a problem is new and not yet in the system, it can be designed to open a "help desk ticket" so that it can be examined and solved by your top experts. Once the problem is understood, rules can be added to the system so that it can be answered automatically in the future.

Unlike "case based" systems, the advice from a Corvid expert system is always based on specific, well defined logic and rules that can be examined and reviewed. "Case based" advice is really only a guess based on a past situation. Key factors may be different this time, and the advice may not have been optimum even before. When "guesses" are not enough and expert knowledge is needed, an expert system approach is the best solution.

Many of the largest companies and government agencies are using Exsys Knowledge Automation expert systems to move their web sites to the next level of interaction and advice - providing their customers with easy access to answers to solve support problems, meet regulatory requirements, implement best practices and keep the customer satisfied.

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Some case studies of Exsys CRM systems.
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"Firms believe online advice is a necessary and immediate next step to further enhance their online customer relationships. Those that master the ability to automate their expertise will also be able to introduce high-end services to the mainstream market"