Regulatory Compliance Expert Systems - Deliver Advice Online Whenever Needed

Many regulations are complex and difficult to remember or understand in detail. Some have special cases or exceptions that change periodically, or use specialized terminology that may be confusing. Experts that work with regulations on a daily basis know how to apply them, but the average person can't be expected to remember all the details of all regulations they have to follow. It would be ideal if compliance experts were always available to answer everyone's questions, but that is just not practical. However, the experts knowledge and understanding can be captured and put online with Exsys Corvid®.

Exsys Corvid expert system development software is ideal for capturing regulatory knowledge to produce interactive on-line systems that provide detailed, situation-specific advice comparable to talking to an expert. End users can access an interactive system from their web browser, answer some questions and get precise answers on how to comply with regulations. Far better than search or FAQs, they provide precise, reasoned advice based on the knowledge of your top experts and exact regulatory requirements even for complex, probabilistic regulatory issues. 

Exsys expert system development tools and knowledge engineering consulting services are the result of over 29 years of enhancement, refinement and utilization in real-world problems. Exsys Inc has worked with government agencies and large business in building regulatory compliance systems, and has a proven track record of successful, high ROI systems. OSHA, HUD, USDA, USAF, SBA, and many Fortune 100 companies have built regulatory knowledge automation expert systems with Exsys tools. Case studies on some of these can be seen below.

A Corvid expert systems' advice is based on the same logic and process that the human expert uses to make recommendations. Since it is driven by underlying regulatory advisory logic and expert knowledge, it will only ask necessary and relevant questions. If it detects a potential for a special case or exception, the system will ask additional questions to gather the information needed to determine if it applies. The user input and system advice can be automatically saved in cases where documentation of the decision may be needed. When regulations require actions such as generating a document or completing a form, Corvid systems are able to greatly simplify the process or do this automatically.  

In addition to making it easy to follow government regulations, Corvid systems can also be used to implement company policies. Fielded internally on an intranet, portal or mobile device these advisors can facilitate HR, health and safety, security and all the other policies often found in the "Company Handbook". They provide accurate, consistent advice automatically without key staff being interrupted to answer standard repetitive regulatory questions.

The Exsys Corvid expert system development tool is aimed at non-programmers, It can be learned quickly, with most users able to build small systems after only a few hours on-line training. Free demo versions of Exsys Corvid and online tutorials are available to get you started quickly.

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Some case studies of Exsys Regulatory and Compliance systems.
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"The elaws Advisors are a valuable set of tools for America's 21st century workforce. They have the power to provide instant information to anyone at anytime. Normally it would cost a business owner lost hours and countless phone calls to find the answers to employment questions."

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