Take Business Rules to the Next Level - Because the Real World is Complicated

Most approaches to automating Business Rules are functionally limited by two main factors: the rules are typically black and white with no leeway for special cases; and the complexity of logic that can be represented is quite limited.  Exsys Corvid® expert systems solve both of these limitations by enabling the knowledge and understanding of your company's top staff to be integrated into systems to handle even the most complex problems.  In addition, Corvid's unique development environment greatly simplifies systematically capturing the deeper business rules in a company.

Most automated Business Rules Engines work by inserting simple rules into a business process.  The goal is to make sure that company policies are followed and customers are treated consistently and correctly.  However, many "business rule engines" only allow rules to be added that are simple tests, and don't take into account the complexity of the real world. Business experts don't only say "Yes" or "No" based on simple logic.  They consider and weigh all the relevant factors, examine the specifics of each individual case and reach an overall conclusion and recommendation.  Corvid uses a proven backward chaining Inference Engine that can be integrated with existing business processes. The Inference Engine allows complex probabilistic backward chaining logic to be used to solve complex problems in a manner comparable to a human expert.

Corvid is designed to be able to handle very complex problem-solving tasks, involving probabilistic reasoning folding together many factors in reaching a conclusion.  Since 1983, Exsys software has been widely used in industry and government to solve a wide range of problems.  Corvid's underlying robust Inference Engine can represent and implement far more realistic logic than most "business rules engines". A quick look at the complexity of systems Corvid has been used for in the Exsys Case Studies shows how much more powerful it is than the typical "Business Rules Engine".  

A typical business rule might be "No returns after 10 days".  Most business rule engines would implement this as a simple  "if days since purchase > 10 then refuse return", but if your best customer comes in on day 11, it would be better for the company to make an exception than to potentially lose a key customer.  A Corvid system can be designed to access the customers purchase history, consider factors that may have delayed the return, and advise the clerk to make an exception or contact a manager.   This is the way an experienced senior staff would handle it - with insight as to the actual best action for the company rather than an abrupt, absolute "No". 

Though very powerful, Corvid systems are easy to build.  Exsys Inc. has always focused on designing tools that non-programmers can use to build sophisticated online advisory systems.  Unlike what a typical business rules engine allows, Corvid can replicate the actual logic your top staff would apply to specific situations, including all the exceptions and special cases. Corvid can handle basic problems - but if the simple approach does not provide the best advice due to the complexities of the real world, it allows much higher levels of analysis and logic to be included by simply adding rules to the system.  

In addition, the Corvid development environment makes it easy to add special cases, and incorporate the various possible scenarios so that experienced staff can proactively address them, enabling the Corvid system to handle even the complex situations correctly and consistently.

To implement the expert decision-making skills of your top staff and make them available online to provide their insightful advice automatically 24/7, Exsys Corvid is the ideal solution.

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"Business rules technology dramatically improves your ability to quickly implement regulatory rules and keep those rules current, enforcing compliance across all lines of business and platforms."


"The (Exsys) system provides a complete environment for maintenance, record keeping, troubleshooting, reference information, and helps accurately diagnose problems."